Twin Towns: Hürth, Germany

Population ca. 54 000

Part of the county of Rhein - Erft - Kreis Hürth borders with Cologne on the East.
Archaeological discoveries show that there were settlements on the area of the present day town in prehistoric times. In 1844 Cologne and Bonn were connected by a railway line that led via the territory of Hürth. Establishment of a briquette factory "Ribbertwerke" in 1886 led to a process of industrialisation of the town. Between the years 1930 and 1933 a large commune Hürth that consisted of twelve villages and miners' estates was established, and in the year 1978 it was granted civic rights. For over a hundred years the town's image was created by the exploitation of the brown coal and industry. In the course of 150 years the deposits of the coal lying under half of the town were exploited. Following restoration of the environment destroyed by the mines was undertaken - lakes, forests and recreational facilities were created. One example was creation of a lake, Otto-Maigler-See, often used by sportsmen, fishermen and walkers, and a swimming pool. Following the building of the new part of the town, Hürth-Mitte, with the new Town Hall and Burgerhouse a new shopping centre was also built in 1977.

There are 13 sports halls, including three big ones with spectator stands in the town. Apart from these there are sports facilities for football and hockey, tennis halls and courts, rifle ranges, squash courts and bowling alleys.
Cultural events take place in the Burgerhouse where there is space for up to 900 people. Chamber music concerts take place in the small culture centre situated in the  "Löhrerhof" originally an old farm. Numerous organisations and clubs play an important role in the cultural life of the Communes.

Twin Towns

since 1966 Thetford (Great Britain)
since 1966 Spijkenisse (Holland)
since 1988 Argeles-sur-Mer (France)
since 1988 Kabarnet (Kenya)
since 1996 Skawina (Poland)

"Partnerschaftsverein Hürth e.V." (PVH), Chairman, Mr Rüdiger Winkler, supports local self-government in maintaining and intensification of the contacts with the twin towns.

The Mayor of Hürth:
Walther Boecker

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PVH website:

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