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From 1st to 4th December an official delegation of representatives of Skawina consisting of: Chairman of Skawina Twinning Association Sergiusz Romański, Plenipotentiary of the Mayor responsible for promotion and twin towns Magdalena Turkawska, and teachers from schools: Olga Biedrawa (Primary School Nr 1) and Arkadiusz Wrzoszczyk (Primary School Nr 4) stayed in Skawina’s Czech Twin Town Roztoky. The purpose of the visit was strengthening co-operation between the towns via intensification of actions aiming at international exchange of children and the youth, participation in cultural life of both towns and  exchange of experience in the field of education and upbringing.

We had a chance to meet a Czech Catholic priest who warmly and vividly talked about the history of St. Clement’s church and the temple of the Birth of John the Baptist situated in Roztoky.  The Czech Republic is a country where Christians constitute only a small group of worshippers. There are more believers of the Husite church, about which we had a chance to see for ourselves during the meeting with Mrs Kučerova – representative of that church, who showed us the temple and told us about her work and service for worshippers in a very interesting way.

The Head (Czech: Ųeditelka) of the Primary School (Cz: Zakladni ©kola) in Roztoky: Alena Gabaµovį invited us to her school and presented using the multimedia presentation on the interactive board actions of school in the field of education, upbringing and childcare, students’ achievements, the most interesting school events, ways of co-operation with parents, local environment, etc. The school has five interactive boards thanks to which a didactic process is attractive and modern. We also took part in the lessons of class 4 b, during which they brought the Czech history closer to us using the board. In the company of the Head and Deputy Head (Cz: zastupkyni) we had a closer look at the school, class and common room (Cz: dru¾ina) equipment, and we also had a taste of lunch in school canteen. (yummy, yummy…)We also visited the nursery school (Cz: ¹kolky) in Roztoky and watch their performance. They captivated us with their charm, and their singing, recitation and dancing were an unusual experience to all of us. We also had a chance to use the interactive board!

An event that is the town’s tradition is an annual ceremonial musical – dancing – theatrical – recitation concert performed by the students from primary school and music school in Roztoky organized before Christmas. The concert took place in the Roztoky Castle and it accumulated representatives of the authorities, education and parents. The program was dedicated to Polish delegation and it raised our admiration and recognition to students’ capacity and talent and teachers’ work. In the farther part of the program there was a Polish – Czech meeting at the “Alexander” hotel, where language barriers were cancelled out to minimum and conversations flourished and concerned international social – cultural - economic topics.

An official meeting with the Mayor Olga Vavųķnovį and representatives of town council and other institutions was organized on 3rd December 2009 in the seat of the Town Offices of Roztoky, during which details concerning twin town co-operation between Skawina and Roztoky were determined. Nice atmosphere, openness and enthusiasm of the participants of the meeting encouraged making common plans, exchange of experience and undertaking forward actions.

Participation of the delegation in ceremonial turning on lights on the Christmas Tree on the Town Square in Roztoky was a final part of our stay in the Czech Republic, which we see as  very fruitful in communication between twin towns and very warm, pleasant and friendly due to the character of interpersonal contacts.

We wish all members and supporters of Skawina Twinning Association so that co-operation with all the twin towns brought so much satisfaction.

Olga Bierawa
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