Delegation on Hürth International

Like every year delegations from twin towns met on the occasion of Hürth International. Among the invited guests were delegations from France, the Netherlands, Kenya, the UK and Poland.

Skawina was represented by the Councillors of the Town and Commune: Anna Wąsowicz, Grzegorz Gruca and Grzegorz Wasyl, as well as representatives of Skawina Twinnig Association Committee: Grażyna Wójcik and Sergiusz Romański.

During the celebration of Hürth International numerous meetings with representatives of twin towns took place, during which there was a chance to exchange experience and ideas for further co-operation. The artistic part which consisted of music and dancing performances presented by various countries was very charming.

During our stay in Germany the hosts told us about their plans of establishing co-operation with Turkey. Thanking for warm welcome we expressed hope that we will soon meet, this time in Poland during annual Skawina Days in June 2010.

tłum. M. Cichowlas

  Bukovinské Meetings in Turčianske Teplice

On authorities’ of Turčianske Teplice invitation from 28th to 30th August 2009 a delegation from our town visited our twin town. The delegation consisted of: the Deputy Mayor – Stanisław Żak, Councillors – Maria Sęk and Franciszek Ciernia, Plenipotentiary responsible for promotion, strategy and twin towns – Magdalena Turkawska, Committee members of the Association: Sergiusz Romański, Małgorzata Kopeć, Arkadiusz Wrzoszczyk and the driver – Zdzisław Żak.

During their stay the delegation laid flowers next to monuments dedicated to those who fought in World War II, took part in the opening of Festival of Bukovinské Meetings 2009 in which groups from Ukraine, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia took part, and took part in the post-harvest festival during which the Country Housewives Circle (Koło Gospodyń Wiejskich) from Krzęcin together with the Deputy Mayor – Stanisław Żak gave a huge harvest wreath to the residents of Turčianske Teplice. During the stay there were also talks concerning possible development of the co-operation between our towns which are promising.

tłum. M. Cichowlas

  Trip to Przemyślany, Ukraine

From 19th to 25th August 2009 representatives of Skawina Twinning Association visited Skawina’s Ukrainian Twin Town – Przemyślany.

In this tiny town located South – West of Lviv we met many friendly and hospitable people.

We stayed in a building belonging to the church that has been run and looked after by Polish Salesians for several years, where during communism there was a gun factory. The priests are happy of each new piece of decor and they talk with passion about successive stages of reconstruction and struggle for survival.

Our stay in Przemyślany was during Independence Day of Ukraine. On this occasion in the town Culture House there was a concert of patriotic and folk songs, which was a musical setting of the celebration of signing of the twinning agreement by the Mayors – Adam Najder and Petro  Buchok and representatives of the Town Council (in Poland the agreement was signed on 11th November 2008).

Being in historical region we visited beautiful places: Lviv with its marvellous monuments and Lychakiv Cemetery, Pidhirtsi with fairy-tale palace, Zhovkova – seat of Polish kings, Drohobych – a city of Bruno Schultz, Kremenets with Słowacki Museum and ruins of Bona’s castle, Pochaiv – sacred place for Orthodox and Uniow  - with famous for miracles Basilian monks’ church. Alina – a real Polish history enthusiast in Ukraine guided us in all those places.

Kindergarten children made us very happy, who despite holidays together with their teachers invited us for a theatrical walk in the forest in the company of singing chickens. We also visited schools where the children who visited Skawina in the summer attend.

This type of trips are a good chance to realization of the idea of twin towns. This one was also a chance to get to know unknown history or the beginning of searching of the roots.

tłum. M. Cichowlas

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