25th – 26th January 2007

25th – 26th January 2007 a group of members of Skawina Twinning Association with its chairman Ms Ewa Malinowska visited Turčianske Teplice in Slovakia. During their short stay the group met with the Mayor Mr Michal Sygút, parish priest Pavol Kollaŕ and priest Mieczysław Klóska, as well as with a group of pensioners. During the meetings a presentation about SSPM was shown and further co-operation was discussed.
  New Year meeting

7th January 2007 In the presbytery of the God’s Mercy Parish an annual New Year meeting of members of Skawina Twinning Association took place. Members of the Association broke the wafer and wished each other all the best in New Year and then sang Christmas carols.
  16 – 23 X 2006

16 – 23 X 2006 at Instituto Tecnico Commerciale “F. Corridoni” from Civitanova Marche invitation a group of students from Technical – Economic Schools in Skawina stayed in Civitanova Marche – Skawina’s twin town. The organizers of the visit were the teachers Hanna and Czesław G±siorowscy. During one week stay the students and the teachers saw the monuments of the town (Civitanova Alta), Pablo Picasso’s work exhibition; the capital of the Marche region Macierata; sanctuaries: Mother Mary in Loreto and St. Francis in Assisi. During their stay in the school the students presented an exhibition illustrating the monuments and the present day of our town. They also took part in history lessons presenting the present day Marche and Rome’s monuments. The Polish students showed the Italians a film about monuments of Skawina and Technical – Economic Schools as well as multimedia presentation about monuments of Kraków. There was also a meeting in the Town Hall with Mr Sergio Marzetti. Polish and Italian students got promotional materials about the twin town and region. During the meetings the Head of Technical – Economic Schools in Skawina Mr Zbigniew Stawarz gave “Medal to the deserved for ZSTE” to the Mayor Erminio Marinelli, Head of ITC Maurizio Settembri and the coordinator of school exchange Ms Fiammetta Marozzi. The teachers took part in a dinner organized by the pilgrims from Civitanova Marche, who visited Kraków and Skawina in August. The days spent on the pilgrimage were mentioned. Accompanied by the English teacher Fiammetta Marozzi the group from Skawina visited one of the most beautiful Italian cave Frasassi. During the last day of the visit accompanied by the Italian students Skawina students and teachers visited the Vatican where they prayed at John Paul II grave and saw the Basilica. Then they had a chance to see the most precious monuments of Rome including Forum Romanum, Di Trevi fountain, Piazza Venezia, Colosseum and Trajan Arch. The hospitality and the programme of exchange will stay in memories of the participant for long. The Italian students will come to Skawina in April 2007.

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