15 – 20 X 2006

15 – 20 X 2006 within the framework of twin town co-operation which assumes, among others, exchange of students, a group of 39 students from schools in Civitanova Marche “Pirandello”, “Mestica” and “Annibal Caro” with the teachers stayed in Skawina. The group was accompanied by the representatives from the Town Offices in Civitanova Marche: Erminio Marinelli – the Mayor, Giuseppe Salvucci – Deputy Mayor, Nicola Canistro – assessor responsible for education and Girolamo Lazzarini – photographer. Italian children were hosted in the homes of Skawina students. Their visit in Italy is planned for next year. During their stay they took part in numerous activities well prepared by the students and teachers in junior high schools, such as: presentation of the schools, disco with karaoke and dance show, sport activities Poland – Italy mainly in volleyball, meetings dedicated to customs, legends, traditions and folk dances. During the meetings Italian and Polish students had a chance to play together and get to know each other’s culture and make friends. To give the Italian students a chance to get to know Polish culture better they had guided tours in: Skawina, Kraków, salt mine in Wieliczka and museum Auschwitz – Birneknau. In their programme there was also a meeting of the students and the delegation with local government and participation in the final of the competition “Skawina and its twin towns”, which questions concerned also Civitanova Marche. The Mayors of both towns have stressed the importance of common contacts between young people many times. As one can see, there was no need to wait long for school co-operation which started by the visit of Italian students in Skawina. This visit made it possible for the students to make friends which will lead to next exchanges of various types. It is delightful that there is a bond of friendship and understanding among the youth as this gives a chance for long-term contacts between the towns.
  17 X 2006

17 X 2006 in Skawina “Piast” cinema a final of the competition “Skawina and its twin towns” organized by the Town Offices under the honorary patronage of the Mayor took place. The aim of the competition, in which primary and junior high schools from our Commune took part, was the popularization of knowledge about Skawina and its twin towns as well as spread of the twin town idea. The competition was carried out in three age categories: for 1st to 3rd graders from primary schools there was a drawing competition, 4th – 6th graders had to face closed questions and students from junior high schools had to answer various questions about Skawina and its twin towns. There were 50 drawings for the competition from which the competition board chose 5 made by: Mariola Machnik from Zespół Placówek Oświatowych in Wola Radziszowska, Natalia Szafraniec from Primary School No 4 in Skawina, Maria Kukuczka from Primary School in Polanka Hallera, Wiktoria Beretta and Nikoll Rojek from Primary School in Borek Szlachecki and a group drawing made by students from Specjalny Ośrodek Szkolno – Wychowawczy (Special School) in Skawina. The chosen works will be published in a form of promotional materials of our town. The choice of the winners was very difficult due to the even level of works. All the laureates were given a diploma and a prize. Also the primary school and junior high school whose students got the highest number of points altogether got prizes. Artistic performances added splendour to the final of the competition: students from 1st to 3rd grade of Primary School No 1 in Skawina showed “The Little Red Riding Hood” in an international version and students and teachers from junior High School No 2 presented a music show. Students, teachers and heads of the schools from the Town and Commune came to the final. There were also students, teachers and delegation from the Town Hall of Civitanova Marche who stayed in Skawina from 15th to 20th October on a student exchange.
  22 – 24 IX 2006

22 – 24 IX 2006 a group of Skawina Twinning Association members visited Turčianske Teplice. During this short visit the participants met local citizens, established new contacts with representatives of the schools and took therapeutic baths in nearby spas. On a beautiful Saturday morning they went on an unforgettable trip to Banska Štiavnica together with Jan. On their way they could see beautiful Slovakian places. The day ended in a nice company of the Slovakians on a barbecue at Palatin’s. Until very late they talked, sang and danced to the melodies played by Slovakian group „ Seniorka”. (Senior)

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