VIII 2006

VIII 2006 citizens of Civitanova Marche came to Skawina; they came to Poland on pilgrimage following John Paul II and Skawina was the last part of the pilgrimage. Earlier our Italian friends visited sanctuaries in Jasna Góra and Kalwaria Zebrzydowska, sanctuary of God’s Mercy in Łagiewniki, the Pope’s home in Wadowice. On their tour there was also museum Auschwitz – Birkenau, Salt Mine in Wieliczka and magnificent Kraków. The pilgrimage was the initiative of Fiammetta Marozzi – an English teacher in Tecnico Commerciale in Civitanova Marche and Mr and Mrs G±siorowscy from Technical – Economic Schools in Skawina. The pilgrims stayed in the pilgrim’s house on the God’s Mercy parish, they took part in an evening mass celebrated by the parish priest Włodzimierz Łukowicz. Their visit in pour town was an opportunity to organize a meeting with the Mayor Adam Najder and Chairman of Skawina Twinning Association Ewa Malinowska. As a result of the co-operation there are plans to organize a pilgrimage of Skawina parishioners to Aisi and Loreto, combined with visit to Civitanova Marche next year.
  25 – 26 VIII 2006

25 – 26 VIII 2006 Skawina representatives: Stanisław Żak – Deputy Mayor, Krzysztof Janusz – head of the Centre of Sport and Culture and Monika D±browska – plenipotentiary responsible for twin towns, stayed in Turčianske Teplice. On Friday after the meeting with ex-soldiers in the Town Hall the delegation laid flowers next to monuments dedicated to those who fought in National Slovakian Uprising. On Saturday the post-harvest festival took place, during which regional folk groups as well as groups from Serbia and the Czech Republic gave performances. The delegation from our town gave the harvest wreath to the Mayor Jozef Turčány as well as an invitation for our Commune post – harvest festival in Facimiech. Apart from the festival there was also a fair of folk products. The delegation had a chance to meet and talk to delegations from twin towns of Teplice from Serbia and the Czech Republic. At the same time a team of firemen from our Commune stayed in Teplice and they took part in annual firemen team competition.
  11 – 16 VIII 2006

11 – 16 VIII 2006 At Thetford Twinning Association invitation a group of 15 members of Skawina Twinning Association stayed in our twin town from 11th to 16th August. It was the first visit of Skawina residents which had a character of family exchange. Skawina residents stayed at homes of Thetford residents, whose visit is plans in May or June next year. The main aim of the visit was meeting of the citizens and initiation of family exchange. The group had a chance to see king’s regalia which are at King’s House, see the ancient Thetford, Bury St Edmund’s with beautiful Abbey Gardens and cathedral and beautiful Norwich with Anglican and Catholic cathedrals. Apart from sightseeing marvellous East Anglia region they took part in annual barbecue organized by Thetford Twinning Association and despite the unfavourable weather conditions (strong wind and heavy rain) all were in good mood and the atmosphere of the meeting was wonderful. On Sunday and Tuesday the group took part in masses celebrated in Catholic Church in Thetford by father Mathew George and parish priest Włodzimierz Łukowicz. Skawina citizens participated in Dragon Boat Festival during which numerous teams took part in boat races, they also listened to a concert of Brass Band Orchestra in King’s Gardens. Those who went to Thetford had a chance to meet Mr Stefan Żurawski – Polish ex-soldier living in Thetford.

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