VII 2006 Blue Flag festival in Civitanova Marche

VII 2006 Blue Flag festival in Civitanova Marche. The Blue Flag is the highest decoration, certificate, given by the European Union to seaside towns which meet the highest requirements concerning the environment protection and level of coastal water cleanness. Our Italian partner got the decoration again this year as it is famous for neatness, cleanness and care for natural environment. On this occasion the mayor Erminio Marinelli sent an invitation to the Mayor Adam Najder to take part in this festival. Together with his plenipotentiary responsible fro promotion and strategy Alina Milarska the Mayor went to Civitanova right after the final of the World Football Championship. During the celebration of the Blue Flag the Mayor offered the citizens his congratulations on the occasion of their victory, he used the words of unforgettable Kazimierz Górski. During a few – day stay in Civitanova Marche there were many meetings organized during which the details of co-operation have been talked over. The topic treated by both sides with priority was the preparation of the students’ exchange which was to start in October. The hosts prepared a lot of attractions for the delegation from Skawina at the same time showing the town potential. A wonderful exhibition of Pablo Picasso’s works with unique never before shown works, exhibition of paintings of the great artists who were inspired by the works of Picasso, performances inspired by his works, a wonderful festival of dance theatres Civitanova Danza that is famous around Italy under the honorary patronage of the Mayor Erminio Marinelli.
  40th anniversary of twinning between Spijkenisse, Thetford and Hürth

16th – 18th June 2006 - representatives of Skawina Twinning Association, Town Council with the Mayor and folk group ”Sokoły Skawińskie” (Skawina Falcons) took part in the celebration commemorating 40th anniversary of twinning between Spijkenisse, Thetford and Hürth as well as 10th anniversary of twinning between Hürth and Skawina.

Delegations from all Hürth twin towns came for this event. Participants presented beginnings of twin town co-operation and the twin towns had a chance to present their products and promotional materials on the stalls during Hürth international, and the guests and citizens could listen to and watch performances of the artistic groups from twin towns.

  Skawina Days

1st – 4th June 2006 – delegation from Civitanova Marche takes part in Skawina Days.

The main aims of the visit were meetings with Heads of Junior High Schools and representatives of entrepreneurs. During meeting with the Heads students exchange of the youth from Skawina and Civitanova Marche was discussed and during the meeting of entrepreneurs products from both towns were presented.

During their short visit guests from Civitanova Marche visited Kraków, Oświęcim, a company in Skawina where they were introduced to production and took part in a concert “.. swego nie znacie” (… one does not know what is his) as well as celebration of “The Day of the Partnership” – 3rd June 2006 – during which they had a chance to take part in giving the title of “Skawina Twinning Association Member of Honour”. Students from primary schools in Skawina had artistic performances, students from Turčianske Teplice had a dance show and the folk group “Sokoły Skawińskie” (Skawina Falcons) performed as well. Also delegation from Turčianske Teplice took part in Skawina Days. Guests from Slovakia took part in the Day of the Partnership – 3rd June – the students had a dance show and they in the park took part in barbecue. On Sunday before leaving to Slovakia the delegation visited Kraków.

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