Celebrations of 725th anniversary of first written note about Turčianske Teplice

26th – 28th May 2006 - representatives of Town Council and the Mayor take part in celebrations of 725th anniversary of first written note about Turčianske Teplice and in the ceremony of signing of the twinning agreement between Turčianske Teplice and Holešov in the Czech Republic.
  Our visit in Roztoky

4th – 7th May 2006  Representatives of Skawina Twinning Association, Town Council with the Mayor and the rector of the parish of God’s Mercy in Skawina together with Kapela “Radziszów” went to Roztoky in the Czech Republic. At Mayor Stanoslav Boloňský invitation the delegation took part in the church fair of St. Adalbert on Levy Hradec in Roztoky.
During the visit the representatives of Skawina had a chance to see Roztoky, among others: the castle, atelier of Zdenka Braunerova -  a painter, church of first Czech Christians Levy Hradec as well as the new part of the town with new district of housing estates. Due to the closeness of Roztoky with the Prague the delegation had a chance to see this delightful city.
  Guests from Civitanova Marche

3rd May 2006 In the rooms of Skawina Twinning Association a  meeting of representatives from Skawina Twinning Association, Mayors of the Town and Commune as well as Mr and Mrs Gąsiorowski from Technical High School (ZSTE) in Skawina with Ms Fiametta Marozzi and Noëlle Latreille from Instituto Tecnico Commerciale „F. Corridoni” in Civitanova Marche took place. Co-operation between schools and twin towns was discussed.
Delegation from Italian school took part in the celebration of the Constitution Day on 3rd May in Skawina. They also had a chance to see the monuments in Skawina and Kraków, as well as things gathered in the museum of gen. Józef Haller in Jurczyce. They visited the home of John Paul II in Wadowice, Salt Mine in Wieliczka and Concentration Camp in Oświęcim.

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