Trip to Thetford

From 5th till 8th June 2009 a trip to Thetford – our twin town in England, Norfolk County took place. The delegation consisted of eight members of Skawina Twinning Association and official delegates – Councillors: Ewa Masłowska, Małgorzata Zawartka and Marek Fugiel, and from the Committee of the Association  - Secretary – Krystyna Droździewicz and an English teacher Elżbieta Michno who was the translator of the group.
Together with visitors from other twin towns in Germany, Holland and France we were invited to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Thomas Paine’s death, who was an outstanding English writer, thinker of the Enlightenment, born in Thetford. All the invited guests took part in many events, concerts and exhibitions. We met with very warm welcome of the hosts and the beauty of picturesque town will stay in our memories for long.

przyg. K. Droździewicz
tłum. M. Cichowlas

  Visit of students from Primary School nr 1 and 4 in Roztoky in the Czech Republic

On 27th April we started a  three – day trip to Roztoky in the Czech Republic – Skawina’s twin town. Students from Primary School nr 1 and Primary School nr 4 took part in the trip and our aim was to get to know with the teachers and the students of the school in Roztoky, sightseeing of the town and a short visit to Prague. After a few – hour journey in a mini bus we arrived in Roztoky. We were welcomed very warmly by the Head of the school Mrs Alena Gabalová and the Deputy Head Mrs Drahomíra Moravcová who accompanied us until the end of our stay in the Czech Republic. We also had a meeting with the Mayor of Roztoky who told us about the most up – to - date history of Roztoky and the problems the town faces at present such as e.g.: too few places in the  kindergartens (sounds familiar?). late in the afternoon we had a walk around Roztoky and due to the fact that the town came into being after unison of three villages: Roztoky, Žalov and Levy Hradec the walk was very long but the view of the Vltava river from the church of St. Klement in Levy Hradec was so breathtaking that it was worth to have aching feet.
On the second day in the morning we visited school buildings (there are three of them) – we had a chance to watch lessons: Chemistry, Czech, Science and English. All the participants were enchanted by interactive boards (10 of various sizes), a huge canteen (each student has his own electronic chip which he uses to order lunch and open school front door) and a separate building where there are only common rooms. The students are assigned to the common room according to their age. The furnishings of the common rooms are also adjusted to the age of the students. The Polish students also liked the room where their Czech peers learn to cook. In this room there are 6 stands with kitchen furnishings. There is also a place for a small dining room, where students have to eat what they have prepared so there is no way they prepare the food anyhow. In the afternoon we went on a trip to Prague which is a stone’s throw away from Roztoky. The commute itself was an attraction. We travelled by the newest model of a suburban train – clean, fragrant, air – conditioned and what is most important two – storey. All wanted to sit at the top and admire the magnificent route along the Vltava river. Another attraction was the tube by which we travelled to the centre. We visited St. Vitus’s Cathedral,  Golden Lane and the Prague Castle, we climbed (not all wanted to climb up) the lookout tower called the Prague Eiffel Tower on the Petřín hill. On the Old Town Square we admired the Prague Orloj with moving figures of the Apostles and other figures representing people’s vices.

The third and the last day of our visit to Roztoky was dedicated to sport activities. The students played football and a very popular in the Czech Republic floorball – a kind of a hockey. The popularity of this game is seen in the success of Czech hockey players. In students’ competitions there were only winners. Early in the afternoon we said goodbye to the students and the teachers from Roztoky, regretting that we leave such nice people. We hope that the partnership between our towns will last and many friendship meetings will take place. It occurred that contacts between children of various nationalities not to be overestimated.

tłum.M. Cichowlas
  Don Giuseppe in Skawina

From 20th June 2009 to 24th June 2009 Rev. Don Giuseppe Morresi, the parish priest of di Santa Maria Apparente parish from Civitanova Marche stayed in Skawina together with his four friends, during his trip round the most interesting places of Southern Poland. They visited Kraków, Oświęcim, Wieliczka, Wadowice, Kalwaria Zebrzydowska, Częstochowa and Zakopane. Thanks to help of our Association, the Chairman Mrs Ewa Malinowska and Mrs Elżbieta Michno who is fluent in Italian, the itinerary could be done. They left with good impressions and assuring us that they will come here again.

tłum. M. Cichowlas

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