The Day of Partnership, which took place on 5th June this year, has signed the calendar of Skawina Days for good. This year we have met for the fourth time but also this time it was a memorable and impressive celebration.

Delegations from our twin towns came to the “Sokół” Palace: from Hürth in Germany - Ewelina Düschner and Margarete Vögl, from Przemyślany in Ukraine - Irena Romańczuk, Taras Martyniak, Wołoddimir Bodnar, Anatoli Hasiuk and Igor Hasiuk, from Roztoky in the Czech Republic – Deputy Mayor Milan Veselý and Alena Gabalová, from Turčianske Teplice – the Mayor Michal Sygút, Deputy Mayor Marta Maliková, Peter Matula, Michal Síkeli, Marian Repan and Zuzanna Tarasowa, from Civitanova Marche in Italy – Giorgio Dernowski with his sons – David and Richard. From our side there were also official guests – the Mayor Adam Najder, Deputy Mayor Stanisław Żak and the Chairman of Town Council Marcin Kuflowski. Apart from numerous representatives of local authorities and educational and cultural institutions there were many members and supporters of our Association.

The meeting this year started in a special way – for the first time we have sung the anthem of our town together. Brought in a ceremonial mood we could celebrate two very important events connected with Day of Partnership. First of them was signing of the twinning agreement between Skawina and Roztoky. The first twinning agreement with Roztoky in the Czech Republic was signed in 2005 for four years. Of authorities of both towns and representatives of the towns free will the agreement has been renewed indefinitely. During the celebrations we also celebrated 10th anniversary of signing of the twinning agreement with Turčianske Teplice in Slovakia. To commemorate this event the Mayors of both towns have put their signatures on a specially prepared old prints which for sure will be a wonderful souvenir. The Chairman of Skawina Twinning Association Mrs Ewa Malinowska and Vice Chairman Mr Sergiusz Romański presented the Mayor Michal Sygút and the Deputy Mayor Marta Maliková with statues expressing gratitude for their engagement in and support of twin town co-operation between our towns. Then handing in the prizes in a painting competition organized by Skawina Twinning Association and Pedagogical Library “My town yesterday and today” took place. Many thanks for engagement in this competition need to be given to the Head of the library Mrs Krystyna Droździewicz.

An attraction of this year Day of Partnership was an artistic part which delighted all the gathered. We had a pleasure to watch an extremely interesting folk dance and music show presented by regional group from Turčianske Teplice. Another thrilling experience was a performance by the choir “Melody” from Slovakia which presented both folk songs and contemporary music.

In her speech the Chairman of the Association Mrs Ewa Malinowska reminded words of Pope John Paul II: “A person is great not due to what he possesses but due to who he is; not due to what he has but due to what he shares with the others.” On this day these words sounded particularly – they are brought to life in the idea of developing and spreading the idea of partnership.

tłum. M. Cichowlas
  Visit of Dr. Manfred Faust

From 15th April 2009 to 18th April 2009 a special guest from our twin town Hürth – dr. Manfred Faust visited our town. He works in the Town Hall and was very engaged in establishing friendly contacts between Hürth and Skawina at the turn of 80s and 90s. This time he visited Skawina with his daughter Olivia after a dozen or so years. He took part in several meetings, among others: with the Mayor of the Town and Commune of Skawina Adam Najder, members of Skawina Twinning Association and especially with Mr Eugeniusz Krzemień and his family with whom he stays in friendly relationship. Together with his daughter dr. M. Faust visited Kraków, Wieliczka and Wygiełzów. He was impressed by the positive changes that had taken place in Skawina.

tłum. M. Cichowlas

  Partnership of Skawina for Europe

14th June 2007 in Primary School Nr 1 in Skawina II Forum of Primary School Students "Partnership of Skawina for Europe" took place. During the forum the teams from the schools were asked to prepare, on the basis of the materials they had gathered and brought, a tour around the twin towns and at the same time advertise them. After the presentation of their works the students had a mini press conference with Mr and Mrs Frank and Jean Edwards, citizens of Thetford, who were in Skawina. As a memento of the forum each participant got a small gift and a diploma for the school.

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