Twin Towns: Roztoky, Czech Republic

Population ca. 6 000 (administrative centre of 16 000 inhabitants)

Situated on the northern outskirts of Prague, the town lies on the left side of the Vltava river about 8 kilometres from Prague. First mentioned in 1233, Roztoky has a rich history, and is a town where many important artists lived and worked.
Since the middle of the 19th century Roztoky is a place of relaxation. Until the 1930s many villas in an interesting architectural style were built. The oldest, Mia, was built in neo-renaissance style.
There is the primary school for children from the age of 6 until 15, the Town Hall, the health centre, the pharmaceutical manufacturer (earlier called penicylinka), the town library and the sports club TJ Sokół (Falcon). There is also the Catholic Church and the Husite Church.

Nowadays there is a great development of the town. The new quarters of houses and blocks of flats are being built. At the same time the centre of the town with new shops and services is growing. it is estimated that in the nearest future the number of people living in Roztoky will increase to 10 000.
In 2003 Roztoky celebrated 110th anniversary of the granting of civic rights. The castle has been the seat of the Museum of Middle Bohemia since 1958. The damage caused by the flood in 2002 is still being repaired.

Levy Hradec is a cradle of Christianity in the Czech Republic. As Cosmo's chronicle states in 982 the second bishop of Prague, Adalbert, was chosen in Levy Hradec. Levy Hradec used to be one of the most important and oldest seats of the Princes (later on of the Kings) of Przemyślidowie line. St Clements's church,  whose original foundations lie under the floor of the present day church, was constructed in 884 by prince Borivoj - the earliest historically documented prince of the Czech dynasty of Przemyślidowie, after Christianisation in Great Moravia. Since 1990 the church has been under renovation. The present outlook of the church is from the end of the 17th century, when the church was rebuilt in a Baroque style. A preserved series of Gothic frescoes on the ceiling are from the end of the 14th century and are thought to be some of the most precious in artistic and iconic sense.

Twin Towns

since 1999 Klosterneuburg (Austria)
since 2004 Wingrave (Great Britain)
since 2005 Skawina (Poland)

Eshborn (Germany) - the Twinning Agreement still hasn't been signed

The Mayor of Roztoky:
ing. arch.  Olga Vavřínová

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